Empowering people in recovery, their families and allies

Recovery is build upon Recovery Capital, the strengths and supports – both internal and external – that are available to a person to help them initiate and sustain long-term recovery from addiction. Recovery Capital can involve such things as a person’s skills and attributes, family and social connections, physical and mental health, a safe place to live, employment and education, and community affiliation. In assisting people to achieve their recovery goals, it is often helpful to help them assess and build their Recovery Capital.

Who's coming?

Individuals and families from across recovery communities, peer workers and leaders from across organizations and allies and stakeholders from across agencies.

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What's happening?

The greater recovery community is uniting to celebrate and build recovery capital amongst ourselves and others. The Conference activities are designed by people in recovery for the recovery community.

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How to support?

Help us build recovery capital by becoming a volunteer, Sponsor, Media Sponsor, or Community Partner. Oh, and be sure to like, share and retweet us on social media.

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